etva activities


The Hellenic Fund for Sustainable Development invests in companies active in Greece, in any sector that contributes to the country's sustainable development. The Fund makes minority investments in company's equity through acquiring equity shares or particular kind of bonds, thus covering equity participation.

ETVA invests in companies that are active in the following main sectors:

  1. Energy sector, for example:
    1. Electricity and thermal power production from renewable energy sources (RES), such as biomass (solid and biogas), solar, wind, geothermal power, small hydropower plants
    2. district heating
    3. energy storage, etc.
  2. Agricultural and livestock enterprises, for example:
    1. handling-processing of organic products
    2. hydroponic and greenhouse crops
  3. Industrial and urban waste management
  4. Development of new specialized business parks and reorganization of existing ones

as well as any other activity that relates to or supports the above mentioned sectors.