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Evangelos Lagoudakos

Evangelos Lagoudakos is part of the investment assessment team of ETVA managing company. He is responsible for financial analyses relating to credit and investment risks.

In the past, he worked at PWC audit company as an auditor and later continued in the banking sector, particularly in the sector of maritime (ABN AMRO Bank) and corporate loan (Marfin Egnatia Bank) assessment. Since 2008, he has been working in Piraeus Bank Group, mainly in the field of credit analysis of medium and large enterprises. He has been responsible for assessing the enterprises' solvency and credit risk, as well as attracting and developing new banking relationships.

He graduated from the University of Sussex, UK, where he obtained a BA degree in Economics. Subsequently, he acquired a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Finance and aMsc in Finance from UCE Birmingham, UK.